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TIG Academy is committed to providing the most comprehensive online TIG welding training in the industry.

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Whether you are a student, instructor, hobbyist, engineer, business owner or a corporate partner interested in TIG welding education, we provide professional online courses and tutorials to learn the craft the right way.

Free YouTube Tutorials
TIG Welding Courses

Free YouTube Tutorials

Why Learn TIG Welding

Getting Creative

Want to learn to create custom-made objects that are unique and cannot be bought elsewhere? This can be anything from house and garden furniture to artwork… you can produce anything you like.

Making Money

Thinking of setting up your own business or trying a different job? The need for welders keeps growing. As a TIG welder, you can work in a wide range of industries including food, aerospace, and motor car and motorcycle chassis.

Building and Repairing

TIG welding is a great way to do your own building and restoration work. When a metal part is broken, being able to repair it yourself can be very convenient. Only with TIG welding, you can weld more metals and alloys than any other process.
Would you like to find out how we could help YOU to become a (better) TIG welder?

About Us

TIG Academy focusses on making welding education better, by keeping it simple and accessible for everyone.



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