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About TIG Academy

TIG Academy focusses on making welding education better, by keeping it simple and accessible for everyone. We believe that the right education has the power to break through boundaries and transform lives.

The Story

TIG Academy was founded in the Netherlands by Kim Arts. Kim has previously held a good job in the public sector, which helped her to positively impact people daily. However, in 2019 she took the decision to put herself out there and try something new, which is why she started welding. Kim now spends all day inspiring people to enhance their creativity and put themselves on the path to success.

When Kim first took classes for her welding certificate, she noticed that many students struggled to fully comprehend the material by using a textbook. When she started her first job as a TIG welder, she saw that many complex welding-related terms and technicalities were being taught to new and foreign employees, and that it was not always being understood or applied as expected. This was because the information was not relayed in the most effective manner.

Why not make a video of it, that clearly visualises the problems and solutions? Kim thought. It will not only save time but it will also help schools and individuals get better results and help businesses get their workforce up to speed and increase quality of work.

Kim realised that she not only needed clear, realistic graphics, but also high-quality arc shots. After all, she had no idea what she was looking for when she first saw through the helmet when she started welding.

She took her welding equipment to one of the biggest TV studios in the Netherlands to create close-up arc shots that could show the intricacies of the welding processes.

Kim also collected a small team of qualified welding experts and 3D artists to create the content of 4K instructional videos, which will be shared on YouTube in November 2022.

TIG Academy continues to create online courses for the welding industry. These will also become available for people at home who might be thinking about starting a business or career in welding, or just want to get the foundation skills needed to start their hobby or side project in TIG welding.

TIG Academy works together with HAN

In collaboration with HAN University market research was being performed, and the TIG Academy brand was created.


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