Fronius Fazor 1000 Plus Welding Helmet

The Fazor 1000 Plus excels with its high quality and an excellent price-performance ratio. It offers optimal protection for daily welding tasks. and is suitable for a variety of possible welding applications like MAG and TIG welding. The specifically developed UV/IR filter means full colour perception and brings colour to the world of welder. Excellent energy management- the helmet switches to standby automatically to save energy and allows for longer battery life. The simple operation of this welding helmet means that the helmet can be set outside the helmet and operated easily while wearing gloves. The headband of the welding helmet is comfortable and means that the helmet can be worn for long periods of time. The proximity of the helmet to the users head can be adjusted easily.   Technical data Classification 1/1/1/2 Shade level range 4/9-13 Level of protection in open mode 4 Switchover time / darken 0,22 ms Delay time 0,05-1,0 sec Length 285 mm Width 236 mm Height 232 mm Weight 495 g True-colour filter, Cartridge size [LxBxH] 90x110x9,5 mm

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